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After Amsterdam (2016), Lisbon (2017), Kraków (2018) and epic Bangkok (2019) this year's HiveFest will explore the realms of virtual reality.

Through AltspaceVR's Virtual Reality HiveFest World it will be second best to the real thing, especially if you can join in with a VR headset.

The program will be more condensed to cater to the digital format. Plenary sessions and a decompression stage should get somewhat close to that good old HiveFest vibe. The program is, as always, open to your suggestions.

App updates, core team faqs, project presentations. Showcasing the diversity of the Hive ecosystem.

Reconnect with old friends and make some new ones.

NFT Art Gallery, Games and a VR Teleport Tour through AltspaceVR

  • detlev


    CEO, Speaker, consultant, author, traveller, BBQ and #BeerSaturday creator

  • yabapmatt



  • aggroed


    Splinterlands, Hive-Engine, Mytical Games, Dygycon

  • starkerz


    Co-founder of 3Speak

More speakers announced soon

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HiveFest goes virtual reality. Pandemic times prevent us to get together in real life. But hey, cutting edge as we are, breaking boundaries, why not get together from all over the world into 1 virtual world: HiveFest 5 in AltspaceVR.

AltspaceVR is the premier place to attend live shows, meetups, cool classes, and ... you can learn, laugh, and gather with people on every major VR headset.

Although most emersive, AltspaceVR is not limitted to VR headsets. Apps for both Windows and Mac are also available to join this year's HiveFest on desktop too.

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HiveFest is the annual gathering for Hive users and it's ecosystem. It is a reunion x conference x social event. People from over 75 different countries attended past 4 HiveFest events held in Europe and Asia.

HiveFest's aim is to be as inclusive as possible. Previous editions saw sponsors and wealth(ier) people voluntarily help not so wealthy making the annual trip.

As this year's edition is organised in VR, costs are drastically cut. Therefore HiveFest will be completely free to attend, although any donations are welcomed.

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